What Do Flexitarians Eat?

What do flexitarians eat? Flexitarians eat whatever they want.

So how are they different from omnivores? Both flexitarians and omnivores eat both plants and animals.

The difference between the two is the general focus of a flexitarian's diet is vegetarian.

There are multiple reasons why a person becomes a vegetarian including health, animal welfare, ethical and environmental issues.

Many people think eating only a plant based diet must be quite difficult. They simply can't imagine life without some form of meat in their diet. They believe they would miss the tastes and the textures. Their friends might tease them. Other people might not understand.

There are also numerous reasons why a person eats a semi-vegetarian diet. The most common one mentioned is because there is no commitment to any of the above values for no longer eating meat.

Yet, the choice of the individual may be as simple as living with one who doesn't eat or prepare or cook any form of meat, fowl or fish. The decision may be out of respect for the other or for ease of planning just one meal.

So at home, this person is vegetarian, but when he or she goes to family gatherings, or meets with friends or business associates, any food on the menu is alright. They're quite flexible.

Semi-vegetarians describe themselves as almost vegetarian. They may be pescatarians, who eat fish, or pollotarians, who eat chicken. The terms describe the diet allowances. Often the rational for non-plant foods is to ensure they get all their nutrients, fish for their omega 3s.

Cravings is another common reason for choosing a flexitarian diet. Fried chicken, a hamburger, pepperoni on the pizza - they just have to have it! And then the desire is gone...until the next time.

Some people who eat a fairly strict diet for health reasons can almost certainly relate as they reduce or eliminate certain foods, salt, or coffee, for example.

Just like the rest of us, flexitarians eat in alignment with their personal, social and environmental values.

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