Vegetarian Types in 3 Easy Categories

There are lists of vegetarian types and they vary from list to list. Here's the quickest way to know what's what.

Vegetarian basics: There are 3 different categories

1. Foods eaten: everything but meat, fowl, fish, seafood. Excludes nothing else.
a. lacto-ovo vegetarian as above. Excludes nothing else.
b. lacto includes milk and milk products. Excludes eggs.
c. ovo includes eggs. Excludes milk and milk products.
d. strict vegetarian. Excludes milk, milk products, and eggs.
e. fruitarian fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Excludes everything else.
f. raw foods only. Foods may be heated but not cooked.Unprocessed.

2. Health related: No meat, fowl, fish, seafood as above. Also excludes most fast foods, junk foods, high fat foods, and drinks lacking nutritional value. Highly processed foods and those with transfats are excluded as well.
a. overweight /weight loss
b. hypertension /normalize blood pressure
c. heart disease /reverse or stabilize condition
d. arthritis /reduce pain and inflammation
e. diabetes mellitus /stabilize blood sugar
f. cancer /optimum health and strength
g. menopause /reduce or relieve symptoms

It is wise to have all medical conditions monitored by your physician, or a physician who is willing to appreciate the value of a nutritional non-meat diet to improve overall physical health. Books by Dean Ornish, MD or John McDougal, MD and others offer dietary guidelines to assist your physician's awareness. Then with clear understanding of the vegetarian types, s/he can discuss the most beneficial diet for you.

3. Ethical reasons:
No meat, fowl, fish, seafood as above #1. d. Vegan. In this group, choice of diet is about more than what is eaten. Food choices are made according to -
sub categories
a. animal rights and welfare
b. environmental pollution
c. best use of natural resources, eg, water and grains
d. improving the quality of life for all creatures and our planet
e. all of the above as ethical issues

Others terms related to vegetarian types include: semi-, pseudo-,nearly-, transitional, almost vegetarian, and flexitarian.

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