Vegetarian Lifestyle - It's not just about food.

A vegetarian lifestyle is about more than food? I thought being vegetarian just means I can't eat meat anymore, ever again. You say there's more?


There are types of vegetarians, vegans, and flexitarians. Our values and/or health help us determine which type is right for us.

While it's probably ture that most people who consider adopting a vegetarian way of life think about what they will or will not be able to eat, there's quite a lot more.

Here are some of the consequences of eating a meat free diet.

Not eating meat is very, very good for our planet.

And for our children.

And our children's children.

Factory farms contribute massively to the pollution of both water and land.

The methane gas from the cattle raised for food is a greater factor in global warming and the effects on the ozone layer than automobiles.

Pollution of earth, water, and air would markedly decrease if each of us ate just one meat-free meal a day, or one day a week abstained from animal products.

Land used to raise animals for food is no longer farmed for our human food supply.

Farms would continue to produce fresh, unprocessed foods of high nutritional value for human consumption.

Amazon forest and other valuable planetary resources are being decimated to create land for ever-increasing cattle farms.

Vital oxygen producing plants would continue their production of oxygen for our future generations to breathe.

Because of the factory farming practices, animals are fed large amounts of antibiotics and hormones to create a "healthy" product.

Hormones and antibiotics wouldn't indiscriminately enter the bodies of our children and their children on through the generations because the foods containing these drugs wouldn't be part of their food supply.

For many, the suffering of the animals before and during their slaughter is unconscionable.

Children are desensitized to the suffering of others. They are taught to be tough to survive. Often other people as well as the animals suffer from the training.

The meat and dairy industries heavily market their products. For them to be consistently profitable in business, they must lead members of the public to believe in the need for daily consumption of animal products for themselves as well as their children.

Yes, we have been pretty much brainwashed from birth. The facts are coming out more now. There have even been challenges made to the government published food pyramid recommendations. It would seem that the foods that the government recommends are those that are lobbied the hardest...but those foods, ie, meat and dairy, aren't necessarily the healthiest for us, the consumers.

Plant based diets are easy on the budget, healthy for the body and good for the environment.

Please do keep reading. There's much more to know about transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle.

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