Vegan vs Vegetarian

The way to choose whether vegan vs vegetarian eating is right for you is to learn about both diets and also about yourself! Your values determine your diet.

Simply put, veganism is a way of life.

Vegetarianism is about the food you choose to eat.

Neither diet allows for eating creatures with feet or face.

Your choice between vegan and vegetarian diet is most likely related to your reasons for following a meat-free diet in our carnivore culture. And there are numerous reasons and degrees of strictness and flexibility.

If you want to improve your health or relieve physical symptoms, you'll follow guidelines written by medical authorities. Your interest is somewhere in the range of strict vegetarian to flexitarian and as you learn more you'll be able to choose the perfect diet for you and the health of your body.

If you are against the inhumane treatment of animals, then that's your main reason and vegetarian vs vegan diet and philosophy are worthy of further exploration.

Vegans don't use animals for food or clothing or their dietary products such as eggs and milk for food.

If the environment and wanting to save the planet are your driving force, then you want to stop the pollution of air, water, and earth by factory farms then by studying the evidence you'll find the choice of vegan vs vegetarian diet easy as you relate diet to cause.

So your choice of vegan or vegetarian depends on your motive and values.

It isn't possible for anyone else to tell you which diet to choose.

Your physician may tell you what is best for your physical condition, animal lovers may attempt to convince you of the evils of factory farms, and and environmentalists may offer indisputable evidence of massive pollution of planet earth that is the direct result of our carnivorous culture.

None of that makes any difference unless you decide to make a personal difference in your own life according to your own values by choosing the vegan vs vegetarian diet that right now at this moment is right for you.

Tomorrow is another day.

As you learn more, you may revise your choice.

The important thing is to begin your journey.

Take the first step today.

Ask yourself why you want to be vegan vs vegetarian.

Begin now.

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