Here's a Sample Vegetarian Diet so You Know What to Eat.

Confused? Overwhelmed? Just Curious? Take a look at this sample vegetarian diet so you can see how simple it is.

Here's what's important to remember.

These are my three recommendations.

Eat the right foods.

Eat the right number of servings of each food.

Eat the right serving size of each food.

My fourth recommendation is select a variety of all the food choices so you get the nutrients your body needs.

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I'm going to mention sports, religion, and politics as a metaphor. You have a variety of each to choose from. Everyone doesn't like the same thing or make the same choice.

Some people tend toward extremes. There are labels. Sports enthusiasts. Religious fanatics. Political radicals or ultra conservatives.

That's life and there's richness in diversity. People are like that about food, too.

What you may not know is vegetarians don't all eat the same foods. Some focus on organic whole foods for nutritive preservative free value. Others eat mostly packaged or processed meals.

The experts disagree about whether the categories of the food pyramid or the basic food groups is the better guide. They advise the same foods with the exception of dairy which is omitted in the latter.

Why you want to eat a plant based diet is going to be a significant factor in what you eat.

So what is your reason? Love animals? Want improved nutrition? Bothered by environmental concerns? Or humanitarian concerns?

Your values will decide what you eat and why whether you are aware of it or not.

This sample diet covers the basics. You'll need to plug in your preferences. Use the guidelines I've listed above.

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