Why Consider a Raw Food Vegan Diet?

Is a raw food vegan diet healthy? Or will it make me sick? What's the truth?

The truth is everybody is different. Some bodies are happier and healthier with cooked foods.

But not everyone.

Vegan raw foodists eat only nuts, sprouts, seeds, beans, legumes, grains, fruits, and vegetables. Almost all choose organic produce.

Foods aren't cooked or even heated above 115-118 degrees. Those who follow this diet believe that necessary digestive enzymes are lost when foods are heated above this temperature.

It takes considerable dedication and commitment to follow a raw food diet. The requirement for planning a balanced diet rich in nutrients is very important.

Please do not begin a raw food vegan diet without doing your research first.

If it's so much trouble and you have to be so careful of nutrient deficiencies, why do people choose to eat only raw foods?

Probably the two biggest reasons are because many people eating only raw (or greater than 75% raw) notice a marked increase in energy. Mental clarity is another benefit for reported. The body loves the living foods rich in enzymes.

However, there are numerous reports of negative effects beyond potential for inadequate nutrition.

Some people tell of feeling hungry all the time. Cravings can be a significant issue. Weight loss may go too far. Energy levels may drop. There are reports of depression.

There are raw food diet vegans who are strong and healthy after years of following this lifestyle. They say they can't imagine eating any other way.

But they are the exception. After a few months or year or two, many people report wanting to eat cooked foods and the foods of their culture.

Scientific studies have been done with evidence supporting the safety of a well balanced vegan raw food diet. Other scientific studies do not support either vegan or raw food diets.

Once again, the experts disagree.

We must do our own research of the research and choose what we believe is best for us. We are all ultimately responsible for the nutrients we provide our body.

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