Raw Food Diet Update. Wow! Things are Happening in the Raw Food World

It's definitely time for a raw food diet update. One thing I've noticed recently is the increased number of people interested in eating a raw food diet for health and energy.

I've also noticed that many of the proponents of healthy non-processed foods don't use either the word vegetarian or vegan.

As I've read, there's little mention of the terms meat-free or plant-based. But there is definite emphasis on whole foods.

What are they? The vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds of the vegan and more strict vegetarian diet.(That would be vegan acceptable foods, but without the vegan philosophy extending beyond what is eaten.)

Whole foods aren't processed and they don't have a 2 year shelf life. They may be eaten raw or lightly cooked, eg, carrots or spinach or broccoli.

Raw foods are best fresh and organic without pesticide residue. And they are filled with enzymes to contribute to the vitality of our bodies.

Some people may refer to them as natural foods because they are eaten as grown or as nature intended. Fresh apples, fresh peaches, fresh strawberries. Ah, the list goes on.

For some people, one of the best things about the raw food (vegetarian) diet and the whole food (vegetarian) diet is that they are vegetarian, even vegan, without the mention of either term.

There are people who are uncomfortable with the label vegan or vegetarian, but are able to appreciate the benefits of eating a healthy, wholesome and nutrient rich (vegetarian or vegan) diet.

So that's what they tell people who ask why they're eating the way they are and don't want to go for fast food or to the steak house. It sounds great and feels good to day "I've changed my diet to healthier foods."

Then they can share a raw food diet update with their friends. Or they can let their sustained weight loss and increased energy level speak for them.

One caveat: A raw food vegetarian diet may not be for everyone, but it's most likely everyone will benefit from increasing fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds in their balanced diet.

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