What is a Lacto Vegetarian Diet?

What can you eat on a Lacto Vegetarian Diet? How is it different from a lacto ovo vegetarian diet?

Are you concerned about eating eggs? Do you know a lacto vegetarian diet is egg free?

If you are one who loves your milk and cheese and simply can't imagine giving up milk products - then this may be the perfect diet for you.

No meat. No fish or sea food. No chicken. No eggs.

But you can say "Yes!" to milk and milk products.

You can still have your pudding, milk shake, and four cheese pizza. Even French toast is possible with egg substitute (or other alternative.)

You'll need these reminders if you're planning on a lacto vegetarian diet..

Do remember to eat a varied diet with selections from each of the food groups.

Be on the look out for fat!

Vegetarian diets that allow milk and cheese tend to be higher in calories if you aren't paying close attention.

You also have to watch out for not enough fat!

I read an article recently reporting a study showing skim milk isn't as nutritious as whole milk because of the percentage of fat soluble vitamins removed during processing.

Consider fats and calories.

Add an extra hand full of nuts and you're really up there on the calorie count. All those foods contain plenty of nutrients, but they are also dense in calories.

Low fat nutrient rich foods.

Fruits and vegetables have a lower fat and higher water and fiber content, so you can eat lots moreof them without concern about gaining weight. They'll fill you up more easily.

Consider using cheeses and nuts as accent foods to supply the necessary nutrients that can only come from fat.

Is this common consequence of a lacto vegetarian diet a problem for you?

Of course, you know animal fats are saturated fats.

It isn't just bacon or hamburger included in this category. Milk, milk products such as butter, ice cream, yogurt, and many kinds of cheese are included. Also soups, sauces, and pies.

Mmmmm. Perhaps you love them all.

It's the fat in foods that increases the satiety.

The casomorphines in cheese are credited with improving mood for some people. They have cheese cravings and do need their cheese fix regularly!

How is your self discipline when it comes to these favorite foods?

Are you struggling with weight issues?

Do you gain easily? Have you given up? Can you even imagine life without pizza?

What about cholesterol?

Cholesterol is only present in animal fats. There is none in plant foods containing fat. Please do remember that our bodies manufacture cholesterol. We don't need to eat eggs to have high cholesterol levels in our blood.

Plant foods also provide fats but in a different form.

Unsaturated fats found in olives, avocados, and all kinds of nuts are preferred nutrients. Of course, calories are significant.

(Fats have 9 calories per gram. Same as with saturated animal fats. Even the much maligned trans fats contain the same calories. The unhealthy issue with trans fats is that the chemical make up has been altered to a form that our bodies aren't able to break down and eliminate from our bodies.)

I'm not fond of detailing nutrient contents of foods. I absolutely am not a dietitian. I speak in generalities and believe we're pretty safe as vegetarians of any type if we eat a rich variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and unprocessed foods. Many vegetarians, as well as omnivores, also take a vitamin and mineral supplement of some form daily.

A healthy, balanced lacto vegetarian diet includes all those and also milk and milk products.

It's natural to be concerned about specific recommended dietary allowances as stated by government agencies. Please do accept responsibility for the specifics of your diet. Learn as you go.

Google vegetarian pyramid for the FDA version and also the four new food groups for an alternative the the FDA recommendations.

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