What is the Greatest Health Benefit of a Vegetarian Diet?

Is there really a single greatest health benefit of a vegetarian diet?

Does eating a plant based diet really benefit a person's health?

Those are really two very different questions.

Simply eating a "vegetarian" diet doesn't have one implication toward health benefits. Why? Because a good many unhealthy food don't contain animal products. Here are a few examples, soda, french fries, and potato chips. Many processed, prepackaged foods don't contain animal products either. What they often do contain, however, are additives and preservatives that give the product a longer shelf life, but don't supply nutrients to the body.

A healthy vegetarian diet is plant based. There are occasional to no animal free, but still unhealthy products such as donuts, candy, and other calorie dense foods such as cheese.

(That sounds unAmerican to limit cheese,doesn't it)

So what am I saying? I'm making the strong statement that eating a vegetarian diet has little to do with health!

The health benefit of a vegetarian diet is directly related to the quality and variety of the foods eaten. A plant based food plan includes fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds and grains in portions to provide the nutrients the body requires for good health.

A balanced vegetarian diet is actually quite easy to create. The difficult part for many people is to give up the unhealthy all American fast food diet because it is deeply ingrained in our culture. The meat and dairy industries would have us believe we need to eat meat and dairy products to be healthy. Increasing numbers of healthy vegans certainly render those promotions without merit. For more information about

vegans and vegetarians please follow these links.

To sum it up, the health benefit of a vegetarian diet is directly proportionate to the quality and quantity of nutritious foods eaten.

Please do be informed about any foods you choose to eat. Vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, and omnivore are just words unless you understand the basic nutritional foundation of each type of diet.

To receive health benefits, you must make healthy choices.

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