Disadvantages of Being a Vegetarian

What are the disadvantages of being a vegetarian? Great question! What could possibly be a disadvantage of eating a healthy plant-based diet? Read on - (and reply if you wish. Just fill out the form found, actually to be added soon, to let other readers know what you think. Please do return - It won't be long.)

The disadvantages on this list could all be true or none of them might be true. These factors are very personal and may or may not apply to you.

Cravings. Social anxiety and feeling different because of eating different. Being uncomfortable because you're doing what someone else tells you you should do and not what you really want to do. Dealing with change.

Cravings. Some people have them and others don't. Cravings can be a huge issue. For those troubled with cravings click here to read The Flexitarian Advantage for one solution. Not everyone is committed to vegetarianism or veganism and may never be. However, eating fewer animal products is good for our bodies, the animals, and the planet.

Social anxiety and feeling different may be particularly potent for individuals concerned about what other people think. Rather than suffering with these issues, once again I suggest reading The Flexitarian Advantage

My personal belief is that when a person is ready, that person makes a commitment and when that commitment is in line with their values, there is no struggle. Meantime, feelings of guilt and shame are unnecessary.

An aside here, omnivores and flexitarians are not the same. While the same foods may be eaten, both motive and values are different. For further discussion, click here Flexitarian vs Omnivore Dealing with change is an adventure for some and for others it's uncomfortable to stretch beyond their comfort zone.

Transitioning to a plant-based diet can be a wonderful challenge undertaken for all the right personal reasons or pure agony when the reasons feel all wrong. Often that's when the decision violates personal values and one person is trying to please another setting up internal conflict. There is a deep lesson with that, but not within the scope of this brief summary.

On a personal note, for me, there are absolutely no disadvantages of being a vegetarian. It suits me perfectly. But that's me. What is your experience? Please give your opinion and perspective on the soon to be coming form I mentioned earlier.

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