I am loving this! Best vegetarian listings are in the thousands.

Did you know you can find best vegetarian cookbooks and recipes? There are restaurants listed by location, bed and breakfasts and motels, too. There are even vegetarian friendly towns!

Thinking of becoming a vegetarian? Ever feel like you're alone?

All your family, friend and co-workers are omnivores who don't understand vegetarianism. You may wonder if you are one of just a few odd balls on the planet. Check it out. There are millions of us.

And the very best news is that more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of a vegetarian, or at least flexitarian diet. There are ongoing studies on what constitutes the best vegetarian diet. Scientific papers are being published so frequently it's difficult to keep up with the latest research findings...which may be conflicting with other research findings both past and recent.

So which vegetarian diet is best for you?

For today, it's the one you'll follow. You can keep on learning every day if you wish. Begin now to eat foods that you know your body needs for health.

There are plenty of tasty vegetarian dishes filled with nutritious foods including a variety of vegetables, whole grains, beans and fruits. Some allow milk and eggs.

Flexitarian, semi-vegetarian, almost vegetarian, and pseudo-vegetarian diets also offer benefits of lower fats and fewer dense calories.

These can be transitional diets if you're thinking of becoming a vegetarian. As you learn, you begin to substitute foods and your tastes change. Some people will never give up animal products, but may choose to eat them less frequently and experience improved health.

Of course, it's possible to totally eliminate animal products from your diet and still be eating all the wrong foods.

Processed foods and those with many artificial ingredients are less desirable. Trans-fat laden sweets aren't healthy nor are chips and soda in excess.

As a beginner, if you move toward meat-free dietary choices 50% of the time, you can appreciate your efforts and perhaps notice that you're feeling better. Then you may want to make vegetarian selections 60% then 70% then 80% or more of the time.

Flexitarians may eat vegetarian foods most of the time with an occasional meal including fish or meat. Or semi-vegetarians may eat half or two thirds of their weekly meals without animal products. All are healthier than the typical >30% fat fast food diet many Americans eat daily.

Begin now. Today.

Improve your diet by taking just one action. Eat an apple. Try a new vegetable. Discover the new and different taste of a veggie burger.

Take just one action. Do it now.

One caveat is: For best vegetarian meal selections and diet plans prescribed by your physician for medical conditions or to reverse debilitating physical diseases, it's best to follow your medical doctor's directions precisely.

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