Thinking of Becoming a Vegan?

Thinking of Becoming a Vegan? Why? Your personal reasons about why you're considering becoming a vegan will determine your success.

It's all about your values. Allow me ask you a couple of questions just to clarify.

Is your primary concern about the best use of planetary resources?

Do you care deeply about the quality of life of all living creatures including humans?

Does your heart ache when you even consider what happens to the newborn calf in the weeks before he becomes someone's veal dinner?

Does the thought of eating animal flesh cause your stomach to turn and become unsettled?

Do you still enjoy the taste and texture of meat, but believe it to be morally wrong to indulge your tastes at the expense of innocent creatures?

Do you feel self conscious and embarrassed when people discover you're vegan?

Do you hide from everyone but close friends that you choose to refrain from harming animals?

Are you tempted or do you give in to eating meat in non-vegan company so you don't draw attention to yourself?

Do you tell people you're vegetarian because you've heard them make negative comments about vegans?

Do you become defensive when some people give you a bad time or tease you about your choice to eat a meat and dairy free diet? Why?

Some people become a vegan because of the influence of friends. Others become vegan for health reasons. And there are those who are becoming vegan because it's the popular thing to do - You know protect the animals, save the planet, be cool.

All of those reasons are good for the animals. However, most new vegans won't stick with it for much more than 3-5 years or so.

It takes deep and considered commitment to something larger than oneself. Being vegan isn't really about what foods vegans eat. Being a vegan is about a philosophy to do no harm and to be good stewards of all the richness and diversity of our planet.

Becoming a vegan is about living true to deep core values. I believe it is a personal decision and a personal expression of integrity. Not everyone comes from that place and so may eat a more flexitarian than vegan diet. And they, too, are in integrity with their beliefs.

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