Are Flexitarians Vegetarian?

The answer is "Yes" and "No" and "Sometimes".

It's not just about the food a person eats.

Yes, flexitarians are vegetarian when in their minds they think like a vegetarian and share the values of those who eat a plant based diet. Perhaps they are unable to follow their preferences because of their current circumstances. In some living situations, people aren't allowed food choices. They eat meat because it is the food provided them.

No, when vegetarian consciousness or values aren't the reason for the meat-free choice. Often people markedly reduce their meat consumption because of health and/or financial circumstances. Plant based, whole food diets do generally cost less and offer considerable health benefits.

Sometimes, when someone is struggling with whether or not to give up eating meat. One day the choice is clear and the next day or week thinking or mood or values shift. Unresolved conflict regarding food choices may be present for years. Family, friends and environment are often influencing factors for the undecided.

Food choices are values driven. Those of us who eat plant based, meat free foods make the choices we do because we care about the animals, our health, the environment, and/or global food issues

The personal values we live by influence the foods we eat whether we are aware of those values or not.

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