What are Advantages of Vegetarian Diet?

Advantages of Vegetarian Diet

I've chosen to list a few of the benefits of a vegetarian diet for quick and easy reference. Most of us committed to a healthy meat-free diet notice -

1. More energy that lasts all day.

2. Improved health and more normal weight. (Please refer to specifics listed on other site pages.)

3. Lower grocery store charges.

4. Increased variety of foods we eat.

5. Stable moods.

6. More clear thinking.

7. Healthier looking skin.

8. Allergic symptoms to specific foods are more easily noticed. (Most often eggs, milk, and wheat are the culprits.)

9. People may not understand your choice, but most will appreciate and respect you for it.

10. Your boundaries about your dietary choices become clear. There is great joy in just knowing what is right for you and in the freedom that comes with that awareness.

11. Improved health. (Please refer to specifics listed on other site pages.)

12. If you're an animal lover or concerned about the environment your behavior is congruent with your beliefs. It feels good to walk your talk.

Dis-advantages of vegetarian diet

1. Some folks just won't understand and they'll try to challenge you for your personal choices, "Just pick the pepperoni off the pizza. "

2. Some relationships may undergo a new type of stress with the changes in diet.

3. Some meals require lots of chopping to prepare, even the cooked foods.

4. The emotional satisfaction of familiar foods may be missed, eg Mom's pot roast.

5. Old favorites are no longer an option, eg, fried chicken.

My suggestion to get the Advantages of Vegetarian Diet without the dis-Advantages.

Try the flexitarian route. You'll still get many of the benefits.

Your eating will generally be healthier.

You can still have your favorites.

You can eat with your family and friends without eating different foods or feeling different.

You will be giving your relationships time to adjust.

You can allow the 20% guilt free when you follow the 80% healthy vegetarian.

You're still contributing to vegetarian issues that concern you - just not full time.


The flexitarian diet is not for everyone.

If you are ready to commit to being a vegetarian or vegan to receive the advantages of a meat free diet full time, then the dis-advantages of your vegetarian diet will lose importance.

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